Belpearl Japan Company Limited

Belpearl Japan Company Limited (Est. 1933) On its official website, the Belpearl Company writes, “We call the port city of Kobe, Japan our home, a city that has become both an integral part of our legacy, and the namesake for our most enduring pearl jewellery collection, the Kobe Collection.”
Using the connections it made with pearl traders in the Far East, the Belpearl Company established itself in Japan specializing exclusively in the trade of Japanese pearls. For over three generations, it has devoted its resources to pearl jewelry, beginning as merchants of precious stones and pearls throughout the Arabian Gulf. The business is comprised of a family of pearl farmers, auctioneers, and pearl jewelry designers dedicated to seeking out the finest pearls by traveling across the Pacific Ocean searching for pearls known for being one of the most precious and unique gems.
The current director of Belpearl is Michael Hajjar. He is a pearling professional based in Hong Kong and Kobe with experience in grading, auctioning, and pearl farming issues. The company sources from some of the most remote reaches of French Polynesia, Indonesia, Fiji, Philippines, Japan and Myanmar. Hajjar also serves as Director of Business Development for Belpearl Auctions.
Although today’s global freshwater cultured pearl market is, for the most part, dominated by Chinese products, Japanese freshwater pearl cultivation started in 1935. Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture supplied pearls in a wide variety of colors to the domestic and international markets until 1982. Due to water pollution and the depletion of the mollusk, Hyriopsis schlegelii, some of the pearl farms relocated to Lake Kasumigaura in Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture starting in 1962.
Today the annual production of large nucleated cultured pearls at Lake Kasumigaura is below 40 kg, a small portion of which are supplied to the international market. The Kasumiga pearls come in six colors collected from the Hyriopsis schlegelii × Hyriopsis cumingii hybrid mollusk farmed at Kasumigaura.
Belpearl collections include earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, cuffs, and bracelets. Pearl collections include White Japanese Akoya, White South Sea, Gold South Sea, Black South Sea, and Pink Kasumiga.
The brand’s most well-known collection is the Kobe Collection that honors the Japanese city with each contemporary piece custom crafted with the company’s finest pearls.
The Avenue Collection features timeless elegance and some of the firm’s finest pearls in a bold and classic designs that also feature strands that are comprised of White Japanese Akoya, White South Sea, Gold South Sea, Black South Sea, and Pink Kasumiga singularly or in combination.
Belpearl Auctions is the world’s leading auctioneer of gold, black, and white South Sea pearls from traceable origin producers across the Pacific. For over 40 years, Belpearl has worked closely with pearl farmers from across the globe, establishing relationships built on reliability, experience and trust. Today, Belpearl Auctions represents over of 25 pearl producers spread across four countries and conducts private auctions events on a quarterly basis, in Hong Kong.
Specializing in rare pearls for over three generations, the Belpearl firm reserves the finest pearls from its own oyster farms for collections available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. Belpearl offers settings in 18k gold, some with diamonds and other gemstones in bold, classic jewelry that artfully showcases the enduring elegance of fine pearls.