Anna Greta Eker

Anna Greta Eker (1928 – ????) Native of Mariehamn, Finland, Anna Greta Eker moved to Norway in the 1950s. There she married Erling Christofferson who led the silver workshop at PLUS in Fredrikstad, Norway. PLUS, an artist colony of designers and craftsmen whose goals included collaborating with industrial manufacturers produced silver, baskets, furniture and pottery. Their creations remain renowned for quality and design.
Eker, who was trained as an industrial designer, became one of the leading silversmiths at PLUS and, along with other designers like Tone Vigeland, brought a distinct touch to the production of modern Scandinavian jewelry.
Most of Eker’s jewelry was hand hammered and often mounted with natural, uncut polished stones. Her pieces feature 60s style geometric and organic forms and sometimes incorporate semi- precious stones such as agate, hand blown glass and wooden pearls.
When jewelry production at PLUS ended in the late 70s. Eker then started her own workshop using her artist name ‘AGE’ as her hallmark.
The silver, modernist pieces Eker created both at PLUS and in her own shop are as highly desirable today as when they were made.