Anapsara (Est. 2014) was founded in Ibiza, Spain by Eugenia Shekhtman who has said, “The feeling I strive to create for my customers is an elegant edge, one that will make them feel dressed and finished the moment they put on my jewelry.”
The company is now headquartered in Italy. Its name derives from the Sanskrit word ‘Apsara’, which are a type of female spirit that inhabits clouds and water. The name is apt, given that Anapsara’s theme is dragonflies that spend years in the water while they metamorphose from larvae to their winged forms. “The dragonfly,” says Eugenia “… symbolizes rebirth, transformation and the perception of our inner self.”
After 20 years of working in the fashion industry, Eugenia decided to create her own line of jewelry to reflect her love and study of spiritual/shamanic practices. Through her collection, Eugenia hopes to convey her personal evolutionary journey, resulting independence, and belief in the devoutness of self. She wants women to not “wait for a man to buy them jewelry” and also to own their independence and divine journeys.
Anapsara’s line includes statement bracelets, earrings, stackable rings and necklaces. Each piece is primarily created from white and pink gold with white and black diamonds and rubies; all with the dragonfly motif.