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Amrapali Jewels (Est. 1978) In the course of their business several well-known jewelers established museums – both public and private – to showcase and preserve their creations. These include Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, and others. In January 2018, the publication, The Hindu, wrote that, “the Amrapali Museum is ready for visitors … there are over 30,000 museum-worthy pieces … collected over 35 years by Amrapali’s founders Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera.
Both Rajiv and his son, Tarang, currently chief executive and creative director of the fine jewelry brand widely admired by Bollywood and Hollywood stars, have been hinting that it is the largest collection of silver jewelry in India. Spread over 6,500 square feet and extending from the ground floor to the basement of the Amrapali headquarters, the museum displays a fine collection of jewelry and decorative objects.
Exhibits include jewelry and decorative objects and showcase India’s gold- and silversmithing heritage. Among the pieces is a silver-and-gold turban pin from the 19th or 20th-century, shaped like a bird and adorned with turquoise, amber and ruby; a selection of hand-hammered 19th-century gold earrings from Tamil Nadu, in southern India; and textiles embellished with gold and silver in techniques like zari (threading), khadi printing and gold leafing.
Historic jewelry meant to adorn every part of the body is featured including hair ornaments, a bridegroom’s crown and nose rings, as well as armlets, anklets and toe rings. Personal objects include a pair of gold, silver, ruby and emerald slippers and a fish-shaped, silver-and-gold case made for storing eye kohl.
Amrapali Jewels is a global, luxury jewelry brand based in Jaipur, India. It was founded in 1978 by Rajiv Arora and Rajesh Ajmera, two friends with a deep appreciation and reverence for India’s tribal jewelry and artifacts. In fact, it was the focus of both men’s graduate studies. When the friends opened their first shop, they named it Amrapali after a legendary Indian courtesan who was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
Over four decades, Amrapali established 38 locations throughout India and, in London, opened a flagship store in the Knightsbridge area as well as ‘shop-in-shops’ at both Harrods and Selfridges. Maintaining family connections, Rajiv’s son Tarang Arora and his wife Akanksha Arora are Co-CEO and Creative Directors of the brand. As one of India’s most prolific jewelers, Amrapali’s influence is growing in the West including an increasing presence in the United States.
The brand is known for signature statement jewelry, called, ‘Heritage Chic,’ and an eclectic Indian aesthetic that creates luxurious jewels shaped in elegant styles that salute Indian heritage with modern eclectic twists.
Indian jewelry creation is different from jewelry making in the rest of the world because in other locations one person usually completes a piece of jewelry from start to finish. With Indian jewelry, a group of specialist artisans work together to create the piece. Someone makes the base, then it is passed to an engraver who engraves the gold, then goes to an enameller who enamels the piece in the areas where the engraver decorated the gold. After that, it goes to the artisan who sets the stones, and finally goes to the polisher. Most of the Amrapali’s craftspeople have been trained in their craft in their homes by their families.
Amrapali is rooted in Indian ethnic chic, but many of its ethnic pieces are contemporary and, in some cases, futuristic. Jaipur, the brand’s headquarters, is the stone-cutting center of the world and at big stone auctions in countries such as Zambia, Colombia and Mozambique, the main buyers are from Jaipur.
Amrapali’s collections include but are not limited to Holi that celebrates the festival of colors and is made primarily of multi colored sapphire slices. The Masterpieces collection is high jewelry comprised of one off pieces crafted using large, rare diamonds and gemstones created using ancient Indian techniques handed down to the brand’s highly skilled crafts people.
The Panna Collection is comprised of emerald pieces crafted using ethically mined gems and its highlights include large carved pieces. The Soul Bazaar is a Bijoux collection of pieces that fuse traditional Indian techniques and minimalism with a Western twist. It is the brand’s contemporary vision of Indian heritage and spirit influenced by the Mughal period especially its temple jewelry and ornaments.
Lotus Legacy recognizes a symbol of Indian culture and mythology found throughout the Hindu scriptures. The Lotus is a signature form that Amrapali uses in its jewelry. With rubies, diamonds, gold, and silver, this collection is inspired by the company’s unique brand mark.
The Dark Maharaja collection is a throwback to the battle grounds of Indian warriors who fought to protect their people. The swords are richly encrusted with gemstones, and engraved with the symbols of their mythologies. The shields and vajras are created in silver, gold, rubies, and diamonds.
The brand’s silver jewelry is offered by a companion website called, ‘
The brand’s most recent collection is inspired by the culture and heritage of India and called, Legend Amrapali. It is a contemporary, modern line of fine jewelry inspired by the legacy of Amrapali Jewels. From breathtaking 18k yellow gold statement pieces to big, bold pieces in sterling silver, the collection is chic and modern.
Petite stackable silhouettes and diamond solitaire pieces are set in a traditional stone setting technique called Kundan that capture a more traditional Indian look and feel. Bold hero pieces featured on raw surfaces symbolize the harmonious blending of rich history and tradition with new, modern ways.
Prominent references to the Lotus are seen throughout the collections as well as in the Legend Amrapali logo.
Today, the brand employs 1200 experienced artisans in its workshops where each piece is created with extreme care from the initial design stage. Throughout the brand’s vast product range, every design is unique, and every creation a piece of art.
Amrapali jewelry is available in over 36 outlets, including major markets throughout the world, franchise stores, leading department, and specialty stores.
Individual collections are offered in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, handbags, purses, silver articles, hair accessories, anklets, cufflinks, and nose pins.
Amrapali uses traditional techniques to create stunning statement pieces. Its flair for design and unquestionable craftsmanship has ensured its position as one of India’s leading jewelry houses.