Alpana Gujral

Alpana Gujral (???? – ) Jewelry designer Alpana Gujral is the daughter of artist Satish Gujral. He is best known as the Punjabi-Indian painter, sculptor, muralist, graphic designer, writer and architect whose work consistently dominated the art scene in India for the nearly the entire post-independent era.
Alpana was educated at Delhi School of Ar. She initially worked as an interior designer specializing in furniture before beginning her notable 20-year career in jewelry design.
According to Lopa Mohanty who writes the Fashion Lady Blog, “[Alpana Gujral] isn’t your next door or average accessory designer … this ace designer hates diamonds but is a huge fan of Indian ethnic jewelry. In the span of more than 20 years of her illustrious career, she … mastered the jewelry designing art successfully.”
Her work is a collection of limited editions that, according to her website, “… are unique treasures, designed for modern day royalty. Each hand-made piece requires between four to six months to create.
“From earrings and rings, to necklaces and cuffs, each piece is artistically designed using precious and colored stones [created] to make the wearer feel extraordinary and enhance the sensuality of a woman.” Alpana’s signature style of jewelry [is] a marriage of traditional styles with contemporary forms that possess functional beauty.”
Her work is frequently described as an alliance of contemporary and classic styles, a mixture of Asian splendor and baroque exuberance, and an innovation in the art of fashioning gold.
Lopa Mohanty describes each Gujral creations as, “… unique and jaw-dropping” that have been worn by celebrities that include Uma Thurman and Kelly Preston.
Alpana designs pieces that her craftsmen execute in Jaipur. She monitors the work weekly during the several months it takes to complete each piece. Unlike other designers, she doesn’t consult catalogs and all her creations are her ideas.
In 2013 and 2014, Alpana released new collections called, “The Golden 20’s” and “Spring,” respectively. Writing about 2013 collection, a New Delhi newspaper said, “She has used intricate vintage designs on oxidized gold along with deft use of pearls, emeralds, rubies, enamel and diamonds. She has taken inspiration from the majestic grandeur of the Mughal Era, yet keeping in mind the modern day styles. Her collection includes both light weight and heavy jewelry. The designs have been crafted for both Indian and western ensembles; for day wear and evening wear.”
Alpana Gujral believes in the words she uses to promote her work, “Jewelry isn’t meant to make you look rich, it’s meant to adorn you”.